Whether you’re a current student, parent, visitor or considering attending Kent State University, you need to be able to get around campus.

Kent State Visitor Information

Visitor information明升体育-足球比分网 for getting to, from and around Kent and Northeast Ohio, including local lodging and   transportation, detours and delays to avoid, access the campus map and get parking options.


Find your way around campus by using the search box or by browsing the map明升体育-足球比分网. Map or satellite views are both available.


The is a bus service serving the Kent Campus and surrounding community. PARTA provides three on-campus routes: the Campus Loop, Allerton and Stadium/Front Campus. These routes are open to all students and visitors to the university.

Parking Services

Parking Services is responsible for providing well-maintained parking lots, regulated parking areas, special event parking and on-campus assistance to stranded motorists. Parking Services also manages parking permits for Kent State faculty, staff and students.


Kent State offers a car-sharing service on campus. For an affordable rate, students 18 and older can reserve a car to use for convenient, reliable transportation.


Flashfleet明升体育-足球比分网 is the easy, convenient service that lets you rent a bicycle to use for the day from a number of locations on campus.

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